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ready aim fire paperback cover

Reginald returns with new stories in Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ready Aim, Fire! It is just that, another collection of Reggie's prized stories. One of which is his favorite story of all time.
Getting hit with a rock is just the start of things; hence, the book's title is Ready Aim, Fire.

Get ready for more fun with Reggie's family as Reggie fires off another book set to entertain you and make you laugh.


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Paperback/Hardcover available

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Space Jelly is a clever tale about the love for the game basketball that takes place in a fantasy, dreamworld setting. Read how the Mice single-handedly restores the love of basketball in a dueling match against a crew of make-believe characters.

The last time we saw the Mice, they were on a journey to a climactic championship game. Space Jelly is a new journey for Mice fans to enjoy. Follow the epic basketball team on their latest adventure.


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round II book
Reggie:  Round II

Reggie: Round II: A delightful collection of mini tales recalled by the author while reflecting on his childhood and growing up with mom, dad, brothers, and sister. Reggie: Round II is his story.

Reggie: Round II is a follow-up to Reggie: That's His Story. Reggie is back with his hilarious storytelling. Reggie: Round II will entertain the reader through the eyes of Reggie. The family's skillful storyteller is back for Round II with stories featuring several hilarious characters, members of a real-live African-American family with stories spanning their growing years, written and drawn from Reggie's perspective.


round II paperback
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Paperback/eBook available

His Story

Paperback/eBook available

Reggie:  That's His Story

Skillful storytelling is both an art and science.  Stories like these, that have been pieced together to form this book, are simply meant to provide entertainment to the reader, while maintaining a steady moral compass in the process!  These stories feature several hilarious characters, who are members of a real-live African-American family, that spans across their growing years, written and drawn from the perspective of one of the family members.  There are tons of other stories to be had, however, this book captures just a small few.  

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mice book
Here Come the Mice book mockup
The Mice: An Underdog Story

Here Come The Mice is an epic tale about the journey of a small college basketball team and their journey to the climactic championship game. This tale is sure to capture the attention of all sports fans who love a good underdog story.   Narrated from the perspective of the team's mascot,  Warren and his teammates accomplish the unthinkable.  This is their story.

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Paperback/eBook available

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