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Reginald P. Howard (Reggie) is a self-proclaimed freelance illustrator who has been drawing for the love of art for over 40 years. Born in Amarillo, Texas in 1963, Reginald is the fifth of six siblings.  This fun bunch is the offspring of Nona and Olin Howard, who still reside in Beavercreek, Ohio today.  Aside from a few drawing classes in high school, Reggie’s drawing stems from being self-taught and self-refined. Today, he draws with much more purpose and meaning with the publishing of this book and,  as an illustrator for a series of children’s books that his wife has authored recently.

A graduate of Wright State University, and Averett College for his M.B.A., Reginald works for the federal government in Washington DC and is in the final approach of his career that has lasted over 32 years.  But it was the constant and persistent push from his wife India, who has hinted that his artistic talent is probably something the whole world might want to see. Reggie feels his drawing is a lot like riding a bike; you’ll never forget or lose the ability of how to do it once you get started.  In fact, according to Reggie, his ability to draw has really refined itself over the years to the point where even he is shocked by what comes out at the end of his pen.

Reggie has drawn freelance for a long time; however, his wife suggested, “instead of just drawing and doodling in your art book, why not package it up in the form of a book for others to see and enjoy?” Why not, he says.

Reggie resides with his wife and three children, Regan, Daia, and Chancellor, and calls Maryland home.  His wife is also a very talented Program Manager who spearheaded the production and release of his books, alongside their daughter Daia, who owns and operates the publishing company that published the professional-quality books that are a class act.

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