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Ready, Aim, Fire


Reginald returns with new stories in Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ready Aim, Fire! It is just that, another collection of Reggie's prized stories. One of which is his favorite story of all time.
Getting hit with a rock is just the start of things; hence, the book's title is Ready Aim, Fire.
Get ready for more fun with Reggie's family as Reggie fires off another book set to entertain you and make you laugh.

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Space Jelly is a clever tale about the love for the game basketball that takes place in a fantasy,  dreamworld setting.  Read how the Mice single-handedly restores the love of basketball in a dueling match against a crew of make-believe characters.

The last time we saw the Mice, they were on a journey to a climactic championship game. Space Jelly is a new journey for Mice fans to enjoy.  Follow the epic basketball team on their latest adventure.


The wait is over.  Thirty-years in the making.  I can't wait for the book.

Warren Howard


I can't wait for the masterpiece.

Stephanie Miller (Howard)

I have already picked out my favorite character. 

India Howard


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